Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picking up Momentum!

Last night was a major writing night.  After 2.5 hours of hunching over the laptop and a night filled with dreams about this book, today I think I finally understand where it's going.  I introduced two new characters last night and they are going to carry much of the story for the next couple of months of writing. 

Tonight is going to be another long writing night.  I'm hoping that the two new characters will start taking shape. 

On a different note, I still can't escape the buzz around Amanda Hocking.  If you're unfamiliar with her, she's the 26 year old writer from my ton who made $2 million dollars almost overnight and has recently signed a contract with St. Martin's Press. 
Here's a link to her blog:
While I'm extremely jealous of her success, I applaud her for her diligence and wish her the best of luck.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writers' Blogs and Chrysanthemum Dogs

I have read some wonderful blogs and writers' posts today that have provided me with insight, inspiration and hope.  Writer Unboxed is an excellent website/blog that I could peruse for hours. 

One of the greatest things I've learned today is that I'm not alone in this.  So many writers have expressed jealousy for other writers' successes, a feeling of mania over their writing, questions on how to balance their families lives with their work lives with their family lives... So after a day of indulging myself in the writers' blogging world, instead of feeling discouraged I'm feeling excited for what I'm about to embark on. 

Tonight is a 2+ hour writing night and I can't wait.  I have so many ideas for this book running through my head.  Slowly but surely I'm beginning to understand who these characters are that I'm writing about.  They are whispering their stories to me througout the day, emploring me to bridge the gap between their lives and mine.

And so it begins...

I say the next eight months are going to be critical because that is the deadline I've given myself to get this thing written.  I've dreamt of writing a book and talked about it so much, now I just need to make it happen. 

I was waiting so patiently for the stars and things to whisper some kind of inspiration in my ear until I realized that was foolish.  Can I actually call myself a writer if I don't write? 

So yesterday was day one of this journey.  I've set up a calendar and timeline for writing and I'm excited to see how this all will unfold.  Stay tuned...